When to choose a Drone Flythrough Tour

Here’s a few reasons why a fly-through video can be a better choice than a regular promo video;

  • View: a unique aerial perspective that regular cameras cannot achieve. Beneficial when showcasing large areas, landscapes, or architectural features from above.
  • Movement: dynamic and smooth movements, providing a cinematic quality which can be engaging and appealing.
  • Experience: give viewers an immersive experience allowing them to explore a location and makes a great accompaniment to a 3D Virtual Tour.
  • Size: effective in conveying the scale and size of a location which can be invaluable to industries such as construction or commercial property.
  • Features: in-flight flexibility and agility gives access to areas that can be difficult for traditional cameras.
  • Tech: our drone-captured content can convey a sense of innovation and modernity which may appeal to specific audiences and present a forward-thinking tech-savvy brand.
  • Engagement: the swipe-happy social media world can be ‘slowed down’ and captivated to create a longer dwell time on your brand.
  • Difference: many businesses use traditional promotional videos, an apollo3D drone fly-through can help your content stand out, capture viewers’ attention and leave a lasting impression.