Facilities & Site management

DIGITISING your buildings, sites and facilities will:

Key benefits of VISUAL SURVEYS

Reduce project decision time with multiple stakeholders.

Reduce time and resources for on site surveying, fact finding and troubleshooting.

Significantly reduce time, expense and CO₂ emissions for site re-visits.

Hand back projects faster for early delivery rewards and avoidance of cost penalties.


Apollo3D’s VISUAL SURVEYS are digital assets created to assist in FACILITY & PROJECT MANAGEMENT.

They incorporate 3D MATTERPORT DIGITAL TWINS, Aerial and ground level 360 PANORAMIC IMAGES and DRONE VIDEO.

Our digital products provide more detail than can be ascertained with a physical visit. The digital assets are always available enabling virtual revisits any time to double check details.

The Visual Surveys guide stakeholders virtually around a site and enable project teams to review complex project requirements.  This can be done over video conference calls like TEAMS & ZOOM enabling real-time collaboration as if you are all together on site.


Our customers are using APOLLO3D VISUAL SURVEYS to manage existing and future buildings and REPORT on layouts and conditions, efficiently manage MAINTENANCE, develop remodelling PLANS and extract BIM / CAD DRAWINGS. VIRTUAL TOURS of proposed facilities can be created off plan and even explored in VR.

Project budgets are more accurate and timelier with increased understanding of a building layout / condition and increased data and information on every corner of the building.

The surveys are made available to all contractors to plan building works, understand site access,  identify equipment and material storage areas.

EXTERNAL Façade survey

Having a external façade survey rapidly created enables contractors to triage and review structures to take urgent action. 

These surveys can be quickly completed across all the buildings. They can identify potential issues before they become major structural complications, in turn, saving money and drastically reducing the risk of injury.

Building Condition Surveys

Access all areas of a building including the impossible-to-reach places. Clear, detailed imagery created in a way that enables the simple extraction of photographic evidence to included in custom reports and condition surveys.

See the asset created to enable a full visual survey of a building exterior covering 4 stories. Physical access was only possible on one side.

Risk Mitigation

Digital twins can capture a project before it begins, at first fix, 2nd fix, and at completion/hand over phases.

A digital twin can provide a dilapidation report and an “as built” asset with as much detail as is available during a physical visit.

The example here shows multiple phases of a project handily collated into one digital twin.

Large scale site survey

No area is too small to be surveyed. We can cover large areas in as much detail as required with the combination of 3D virtual tours, digital twins, HD photography, 360 panoramic images, 4K Video and the integration of point cloud data.  

architectural models: 3D to bim

With a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour / Digital Twin, we can produce BIM (Building Information Modelling) in Revit and DWG formats.
BIM is a powerful collaborative tool enabling project teams (architects, engineers, developers, contractors, etc) to plan, design, and construct a structure or building within one 3D model.


Within the BIM model, we include #elevations along with internal Architecture, Furniture and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing)
-Architecture includes; visible walls, floors, doors, columns, ceilings, windows, bathroom fixtures, fireplaces, etc.
-Furniture includes; visible desks, tables, cabinets, shelves, chairs, seating, appliances, kitchen elements and some wall fixtures.
-MEP includes; visible HVAC ducts, plumbing fixtures, pipes, power/data outlets, and conduits.


Additionally, with external scanning at height, we include key external elevations, facades, building structures and outlines. All with relevant styles and textures.

estate management

These tours are aiding help centre staff with problem diagnosis to establish point of fails remotely and quicker. They increase the speed of resolution by helping guide non-technical staff to apply low-tech fixes.


They are also aiding facilities managers to provide contractors with access to their facility to familiarise themselves with access points and asset locations. Thus reducing resources allocated for a contractor visit.


Pre-access to the facility helps contractors establish all the potential assets relating to an issue. A virtual tour can provide specific and detailed information on an asset as well as all the others that are linked and may be a potential alternative points of failure.  This enables the  contractors to ensure the correct equipment is brought to site and problem is fixed first time, quickly. 


They reduce maintenance costs by reducing call outs, speeding up resolutions and freeing up resources for more efficiencies.

reduce risk

Free up time by reducing risk.


Free up time, money and energy for the owner.  Spend LESS TIME answering phone calls and emails when the answers are in a 3D Tour. 

Increase Profits

Reduce costs and increase profits.

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Reduce cost

Reduce costs and increase profits.

Save time

Free up Resources

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