From Floor Plan to 3D Scan

Believe it or not, this virtual tour hasn’t been physically 3D scanned, it’s been digitally created from a simple floorplan.

The actual physical space is still an empty shell ready for somebody to make it their own. Working with the realtors, Apollo3D turned the blank space into a restaurant/dining experience, with only a floorplan. This kind of ‘Virtual staging’ makes your space digital, meaning clients can visualise how this place would look digitally, without anyone having to be there physically. There’s no limit too, spaces can become bars, retail shops, homes, even sausage roll factories! This means you can explore various styles, atmospheres, and layouts within your space without the need for anyone to be physically present.  

Key benefits include: Reduce costs, increase profits, save time, decrease CO₂, reduce risk and free up resources.

Offering a swift and accessible alternative to traditional physical scanning, Apollo3D’s service opens up a world of possibilities for clients to envision their space exactly as they desire.