Virtually Staging a Sausage Roll Factory

This Matterport to-scale layout was used to help secure a £ multi-million capital investment for machinery to create sausage rolls

Instead of guessing how the factory would look once built, Apollo3D virtually staged it so the client could secure a multi million capital investment without having to lift a finger.

Virtual/Digital staging is a technologically advanced home staging process that transforms an empty space into a fully furnished and decorated interior. Apollo3D’s graphic editors can create and place any kind of decor in a highly realistic way with exact measurements into a clients space.

Virtual staging makes your space digital, sites and facilities will: Reduce costs, increase profits, save time, decrease CO₂, reduce risk and free up resources.

Along side other benefits such as:

  • Reduce project decision time with multiple stakeholders.

  • Reduce time and resources for on site surveying, fact finding and troubleshooting.

  • Significantly reduce time, expense and CO₂ emissions for site re-visits.

  • Hand back projects faster for early delivery rewards and avoidance of cost penalties.

So, If you are pondering the creation of a new layout Apollo3D can do all of this swiftly, within a mere 24 hours. Utilizing virtual staging via a Matterport model streamlines the entire process with remarkable ease.