Yorkshire big build

hilltop school, Rotherham

Explore Hilltop School in Rotherham with this 3D Virtual Tour.

2D Floorplan
3D Floorplan (Top down)
3D Floorplan (45° angle)
Ruler icon
  • Use the ‘Ruler’ tool to measure anything. Note, this is 99% accurate so is good to complement to existing schematic drawings.
Share icon
  •  If you want to share a particular viewpoint or position within the 3D tour, this can be done by using the ‘share this space’ icon in the bottom right and choosing ‘link to this location’. This link when opened will put the viewer at exactly the same position.
Forest Icon
  • This ‘Hotspot’ will take the viewer to external 360 panoramic images taken around the school.

Promotional Video

The project team