Black Stainless Steel 60cm Twelix Artisan Multifunction Pyro Oven KOASPB 60600

With the Twelix Artisan oven you can now cook with steam in a convection oven. It gives you three different cooking options in just one appliance Pure steam, steam assisted and convection. This model is one of the appliances in our Black Stainless Steel collection which offers pure black stainless steel that is brushed for a unique, warm, elegant and stylish look.

Twelix System: For a professional cooking performance with Steam Cooking

Pure Steam: For healthy cooking, preserving vitamins and minerals

Steam assisted: Combines steam and convection cooking for succulent and perfectly browned dishes

Convection: Optimises airflow and heat distribution to evenly cook your dishes

Tweli Grill: Allows you to grill on two trays at the same time

Tweli Base: For beautifully baked pastries and pizzas

Soft close door: Closes silently and softly with just a gentle touch