KMQCX 45600 Combi Microwave Oven 45cm

Our combi microwave oven, with it’s 3D microwave distribution system, patented by KitchenAid, combines the emission of waves from different points in the cavity, to ensure uniform heating throughout your dishes. 8 special cooking functions (such as crisp, jet defrost and 30-second jet start) and 4 traditional functions (including forced air) guarantee perfect, quick and even cooking while retaining all of the food’s original flavours and nutrients.

Distinctive Features
Modern microwave technology with traditional cooking

3D System: Perfectly even distribution of microwaves for fast, perfect results

Sensor Cooking: Select food type and the sensor will auto adjust duration and power for delicious dishes

Crisp Technology: Use the patented crisp plate to cook 75% quicker. It is also great for really crispy fries, and much more