Launching from Wharfebank Mills, Leeds – Apollo3D and its intrepid crew continue to deliver modern virtualisations. Internationally.

Founded in June 2017, apollo3D set off with a mission of providing premium 3D tours that create an immersive virtual experience of any location. Today they are one of the UK’s leading specialists in the field.

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Apollo3D launched from Cape Otley on the day October 24, 2017. Lead by Commander Mark Shepherd & Payload Commander Rob “Red Fringe” Wilyman, Apollo3D embarked on their mission – bringing 3D Virtual Tours and Digital Twins to anyone across the world. To this day, a large crew of 12 people continue this mission

“…one small step for a man, one giant leap for 3D Tours”



Leader of the pack and Head of Being in Charge, Mark founded Apollo3D in 2017. He’s gone from geeky schoolboy who taught computer studies to his teachers, to an authority on all things 3D. You can find him scanning at the top of ski slopes, on trampolines, in fields, and sometimes, in bathtubs.  

Mark’s favourite memory is spending 24 hours in Schiphol Airport, where time stopped, meaning anything and so it was always 5pm somewhere. He used to live in America… and will never let us forget it. 


Payload Commander

The most positive guy in any the room, Rob has been with Apollo3D since 2018 and holds the fort at our Leeds office. His favourite building in Leeds is his local, The Hunters, and he enjoys making furniture from scratch almost as much as buying new woodworking tools.  

In his spare time, he coaches juniors’ rugby after a lifetime of being sporty, and he also enjoys spinning records on his very own decks. Rob thinks he’s an authority on all things music, but we never let him choose the tunes in the office (for good reason).


Flight Director

Becky is our smooth talker on the phones and sales extraordinaire, part of the team since 2018. She answers queries or books in scans like there’s no tomorrow, and she loves to walk her puppy, Billy. Her favourite building is York Castle Museum and a life hack she swears by is “don’t put water down the chimney” – solid life advice from her 5 year old.

Becky makes candles in her spare time and we love the way they smell! She’s also a keen runner and is probably the fittest out of the lot of us.


Lunar Pilot

The quietest member of Team Apollo, Ben has been bringing down our average age since 2020. He’s a qualified drone pilot and has only crashed into a tree once – but we don’t remind him of that.

A huge fan of cars, Ben’s favourite life hack is to flash traffic lights to make them change faster, and his favourite memory is fishing on a lake in Canada. In the office Ben is always drinking water. All of the time. It’s impressive; he’s the most hydrated guy we know. He can also plank for 12 minutes. 


Public Affairs Liaison

Our PR Guru and media wrangler, Helen has been pushing Apollo3D out there since the very beginning. Our go-to for press releases and fundraisers, she once sold a record number of raffle tickets at school and won an impressive quantity of tuck shop vouchers. Clearly this inspired Helen, who is responsible for many successful media campaigns.

Her favourite memory is the birth of her son Matthew, and her life hack is to stop bug bites itching with a hairdryer – genius!


Engineer Support

Covering North to South, our man Craig still retains that Scottish accent, albeit with an Australian twist! He’s been working with us since 2021, but his experience in scanning dates back to his Oz days. He is responsible for some truly fantastic 3D tours and has an abundance of gorgeous sea snaps on his camera roll – we’re not jealous at all… 

A fan of a selfie and with a great sense of humour, Craig can be relied upon to deliver quality work, alongside the banter.  


Space Muscle

Since 2021 Kieran has been the muscle man at Apollo3D, much to Ben’s disappointment. His MMA credentials might intimidate in the cage, but we know in the office he’s soft as a teddy bear. As a Southerner relocated to the Northwest Kieran has to have his wits about him, but he’s flown under the radar so far. We may even bestow honorary citizenship if he can produce a homemade Yorkshire Pudding. 

His attention to detail comes to the forefront of all his projects and we’ll learn to live with the fact he wears sliders and socks. 



Web guy




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