There are two stages to creating a 3D Showcase

Stage 1 – The ‘Scanning’ and Image Capture : Our engineers can be on site capturing images from just 30 mins through to multiple days. Quite simply, the bigger the area to be captured, the longer it takes.

Stage 2 – The Editing : This is when all the images are electronically stitched together to create the acutal 3D Showcase. This is usually completed within 24 hours of completing the image capture.

This is dependent on two things

1 – How big and where the space to be captured is

2 – How many hotspots (embedded data and links) are needing to be added.

Our aim is to ensure that the finished 3D Showcase has everything you could possibly need for your business. Our pricing is built in a way to ensure there are no surprise extras.

Prices start from as little as £150.
You should prepare your location as you would if you were welcoming physical visitors. With our handy checklist including items such as;
1. All areas are clean and tidy.
2. Identify areas that don’t want to be included in the 3D Showcase.
3. Remove non-public information such as family photos or private documents from desks.
4. Identify key things to highlight on the Showreel or to add Hotspots for.
5. Utilise your physical marketing artefacts/documents in areas where they will be noticed

Absolutely. This is an exciting feature of a 3D Showcase. Have your virtual visitors amble around your location and with the use of hotspots, take them directly from the Showcase to your online shop or ecommerce website.

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