Explore Forest Lodges at various stages of construction

A 3D Journey Through Forest Lodges and Their Manufacturing

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Explore a finished lodge here

Take a look around their factory here

See behind the scenes where the manufacturer wants to show their customers the scale of their operations. Giving customers the ability to explore both the final fully designed lodge accommodation and the factory it would be built in. Put customers at ease by allowing them to see every step of the process.

Inside the factory 3D tour visitors can see how a lodge begins – it’s foundation and the exact kind of timber and steel. Click on to then see a lodge partially done, then another 80% done. Visitors get to see the scale of operations, and understand the exact process their own potential Lodge could go through.

Allowing customers to see and understand the process of building a lodge offers several benefits: Building transparency, understanding the construction process, confidence that their lodge is being built to high standards, engagement in the process, a sense of connection & ownership.

Overall, providing customers with insight into the construction process of building a lodge enhances their experience, builds trust, and strengthens the relationship between the company and its customers. It’s great for unique marketing too.