The Royal Armouries – 3D Tour

Walking through a time machine from the comfort of your own home with Apollo3D’s latest work. 

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Apollo3D shares the launch of the stunning new 3D Virtual Tour for the Royal Armouries Museum, built using a bespoke ‘Infinity Tour’ on a Matterport platform. Once onto the tour you can see the the custom menu Apollo3D built in, which allows quick access throughout the large site. Apollo3D is able to create menus to suit the needs of the client, hence why this one is focused on the many gallaries and floors. 

Allowing the museum to have wide reach with global access (meaning anyone with internet can walk though the tour), accessibility, convenience and flexibility. To be more specific, having a 3D tour allows for greater educational opportunities. It could be a valuable educational resources for students, teachers or anyone else. As it’s online, it can be used as part of a class presentation or classroom curriculum, as children can access the museum from home. 

With a lots of great features including some ‘behind the scenes’ footage, treasures and an inclusive video walkthrough of the virtual tour. We can see why this was a hit. You’ll see incredible things like knights’ Armor, swords, and even ancient weapons. It’s not just stuff in a museum; it’s like being right there in the middle of all the action. You’ll learn about kings, queens, and the battles they fought, all from the hot-spots which have been placed in for people to find as they walk through. 

Take a look at The Royal Armouries walkthrough of the 3D tour posted on YouTube: