Do you need to present a building at various stages of construction?

Apollo3D captured the same Matterport Virtual Tour which shows a building at three different phases of construction. With the ability to be a record ‘as is’ at different moments, these are useful for both showing progress and for future maintenance.

Allowing customers to see and understand the process of building offers several benefits:


Showing the construction process fosters transparency between the company and its customers. This transparency builds trust and credibility, as customers can see exactly how their lodge is being built.


Understanding the construction process educates customers about the effort, materials, and techniques involved in building. This knowledge helps customers appreciate the value of their investment and understand the quality of craftsmanship involved.


Seeing the construction process instils confidence in customers that their building is being built to high standards. Witnessing the care and attention to detail throughout the construction process reassures customers about the quality of the final product.


Customers who are engaged in the construction process feel a stronger connection to their building. They are more likely to be invested in the outcome and feel a sense of ownership over the finished product. They will likely feel more of a sense of ‘Accomplishment’ or that they themselves were in part of the marking.

Overall, providing customers with insight into the construction process of building enhances their experience, builds trust, and strengthens the relationship between the company and its customers.

Want to see another example? Apollo3D captured 3D tours for Forest Lodges to show both their finished holiday lodges and at multiple stages in the process. Giving customers the ability to explore both the final fully designed lodge accommodation but the factory it would be built in. Putting customers at ease by allowing them to see every step of the process. See below for more.


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