Virtual Showround

Part of making a difference means innovation, Apollo3D  now offer a free showroom tool, Meaning you can explore properties from the comfort of your home.

Taking a virtual walkaround a property is safe, convenient, time saving and as good as being there. Which can be great for all parties involved. Especially if there is reasons why a client can’t come in person (Accessibility, Covid-19, Not available) or if you’d want to show a client multiple properties with ease online. 

ShowRound gives the sales teams the ability to walkaround online with house viewers – or even connect the virtual tours together – resulting in a stunning experience for everybody. All with high-resolution video and chat. 
You can even take family groups together and have them hop (virtually) from property to property without moving from your chair!

By placing real-time video and chat inside a 3D Matterport tour, all viewers get to experience the full 4K life-like walkthrough – no choppy or blurred screen sharing here. Showround connects devices together inside the same 3D Tour and allows viewers to lead or be guided – even take it in turns. The Showround system is simple to use, requires no downloads or apps and even has the ability to quickly jump to different properties enabling a whole portfolio of properties to be toured.

In an effort to help our customers and their clients stay safe in the Estate Agency / Property Sales Industry, Apollo3D has just made their exclusive ‘ShowRound’ product Free with any new Matterport UK/Matterport Virtual Tour we create. This tool was Vital during covid, allowing viewings that was as good as being there without the safety concerns. Though no longer applicable, Apollo3D in an effort to help out during Covid, made the 3D Tours available at less than half price through lockdown.